What is a shadow jar


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To Shade a library is to take the contents files of said library, put them in your own jar, and change their package. This is different from packaging which is simply shipping the libraries files in side your own jar without relocating them to a different package. Technically speaking, dependencies are shaded. Jar Jar eventually became a Senior Representative for Naboo, serving in the Galactic Senate. While his compassion spoke volumes of the quality of his character, his inherent gullibility and trusting nature were easily exploited by the less scrupulous in the field of politics.

Step 2: Frosting the Jar. The light won't look beautiful until the clear jar is diffused. The diffused jar will scatter the light and make it soft thereby making the light, pleasing for eyes. To achieve the diffused look for a glass, I used the easy method. I used Rust-oleum Frosted Glass Spray.

shade Shade jar is to package jar package and its dependent packages into a jar file, and provide the function of shade / rename some dependent packages For example, a maven project relies on many third-party packages, but you want to rename some packages during actual packaging. The process of renaming can be called shade here.